About Shout

SHOUT for a Safer South Africa was founded in 2007 by musicians Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane following the murder of Lucky Dube, as a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and BEE certified charity.

2015 sees SHOUT return with it's third track, titled "Smile". It has again brought together some of South Africa's biggest and most relevant musicians and celebrities, who are collaborating for a safer South Africa. This year's song has been produced by Danny K, along with Mi casa, and is set to be SHOUT's biggest song yet. All funds raised from the sale of the new song will go towards the building of SHOUT libraries.

For Danny K, Lucky Dube’s untimely death was the last straw in the unrelenting effects and pressures of the crime epidemic in the country. He joined forces with Kabelo to produce a remake of the 1984 Tears for Fears hit, “Shout”, spreading a strong anti-crime message with the help of a host of local musicians and celebrities. The track shattered all records and became the biggest full track download in South African music history, receiving the 2010 SAMA in recognition.

Since then, SHOUT has established itself as one of South Africa’s most recognisable and credible movements against crime and violence. At its core, it believes in active citizenship and playing a part in moving South Africa forward.

In 2012, SHOUT released its second song, “You’re the Voice”, once again with the help of local celebrities uniting for the campaign. The follow up was equally as successful as the previous campaign, again winning a SAMA for the biggest full track download and solidifying SHOUT as a crime-fighting NPO.

South Africa has been full of both governmental and civil-society based anti-crime initiatives. What has been lacking is a rallying cry that unites these efforts, brings everyone together and tells us that we all have a part to play in the fight against crime and violence.

SHOUT takes the fight seriously and has been hard at work for the last decade working on various anti-crime initiatives. Now it’s back with the new track, “Smile” – a collaboration between Danny K and Mi Casa with the aim of raising funds to build libraries and promote education in the country.

The Library Project

Education as the focus

For the past 10 years, SHOUT has been working hard on campaigns ranging from rehabilitating the police force and their families, to helping find missing children and donating to a variety of crime fighting initiatives.

Now SHOUT is going back to the source.

High levels of illiteracy are a reality in many communities in South Africa. SHOUT's focus is simple: increase literacy and empower children with the tools they need to learn and succeed. By reaching young kids and encouraging them to work hard at getting educated, they will be better equipped to live a successful and crime free adult life.

SHOUT is using all funds raised from downloads of its new track, "Smile", to build libraries in primary schools across South Africa. The roll-out will be far and wide, reaching the most needy schools and communities.

SHOUT has already got the ball rolling and has built three libraries in Soweto, Mitchells Plain and Phalaborwa.

Education can make a difference in the fight against crime and violence.