The illiteracy gap is directly related to the number of people in our society and has to be addressed and rectified with great urgency.

Libraries are important as they specifically assist in addressing illiteracy and numeracy, in particular, amongst the disadvantaged living in abject poverty with no facilities to ensure that they become meaningful members of society.

So libraries are
kind of important


The path away from poverty to prosperity and philanthropy will be achieved through EDUCATION. To rectify the gross inequality in our society can only be achieved when we all begin to realise that the nurturing and investment in our youth will create a better future for our beautiful homeland.

Readers are Leaders and we aim to energise the fertile minds of our children through the magic of stories. Stories allow them to dream of what they can become which gives them hope and purpose. Reading inspires. Reading develops character. Reading imputes knowledge.
Reading is essential in shaping their outlook.
Reading is not a chore, it has to be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Libraries enable
your investment
into a childs future.

Which directly impacts the future of South Africa.

Form part of creating real and sustainable impact in our society.

Shout SA aims to drive real and sustainable social impact by closing the illiteracy gap through safe access to libraries and literature for children.

Books leave marks that never fade.

Libraries don’t only hold books,
they hold dreams and hopes
and imaginations.

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Books are ladders that children
climb to reach their dreams

90% of the schools in the
South Africa don’t have
access to a library and
over 65% of children
can’t read by the
age of 12.

SHOUT’s focus is to increase
these low literacy rates.

Empowering children
with the vital tools they
need to learn and
succeed in life.

SHOUT for a Safer South Africa was founded in 2007 by musicians Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane following the murder of Lucky Dube, as a registered Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and BEE certified charity.

Since then, SHOUT has established itself as one of South
Africa’s most recognizable and credible movements against
crime and violence. At its core, it believes in active citizenship
and playing a part in moving South Africa forward.

Libraries are gateways
to a childs future

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