Shout For Masks
Shout For Masks

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, masks have been an essential barrier and way for people to protect themselves. Because they have been in such demand, shortages often occur, and for healthcare workers this is especially dangerous.

In light of this, and because the pandemic impacts each and every one of us, SHOUT SA has joined the fight against the spread of the virus by mobilising funds that will be used to secure surgical and N95 masks for healthcare workers who are fighting on the front line.

“There is a crying need to protect those who are protecting us – our frontline heroes. Battling valiantly against Covid-19 our healthcare sector needs our support right now as the supply of masks dwindles. It’s getting desperate. Here at Shout SA we have a voice, why not use it to shout out to our fellow countrymen to help secure more masks?” explains SHOUT co-founder, Danny K.

Dubbed #Shout4Masks, the initiative was started in early April 2021 in collaboration with SMD Technologies, and allows donors to contribute by purchasing single or multiple hospital packs which contain two medical-grade masks and five 3-ply surgical grade masks. If our healthcare workers contract the COVID-19 virus or get sick, they are not able to help

the sick and even risk infecting them. With our healthcare system already under pressure, this would be devastating. Shout4Masks has also called on all companies to urgently help fund these protective masks at scale and so the might of Corporate SA has also been empowered to lend a powerful hand to turn the tide in the battle against this invisible COVID -19 enemy with special Corporate Tiers. These tiers are hoping to create real momentum to crush the COVID-19 enemy by substantially bulking up protection, to make even more of a difference to hundreds of community hot spots and healthcare centres. These special Corporate Packages comprise R25 000 SILVER, R100 000 GOLD and R250 000 PLATINUM that will release thousands of vital masks to save teams and even wards of health workers and patients from community field centres to clinics to hospitals across villages, towns and cities throughout the country.

“We are calling on all our fellow musicians and celebrities to get behind this to inspire and unite the nation to help get proper safe masks for those that need them most. For both patients and our most vulnerable communities, I am relieved that we are able to spread a protective front for both, “says co-founder Kabelo Mabalane.

Help SHOUT SA buy safe, proper masks for our frontline heroes by donating to the SHOUT4masks initiative.